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TV series I love and Why

(FRANCAIS) As you probably know I’m not a big fan of television, too much negative programming there, filled with too many limiting beliefs. That being said, there are « a few » TV series I do enjoy very much. I watch them all in English, hence the English post this time 😉 I have no clue if these series are actually produced in French, and who cares, it’s just better in English (okay I shouldn’t have said that, my cousin being an amazing pro voice over & dubbing guy) Anyway, people tend to spend more time inside during the Winter, so here a few suggestions for the months ahead. Or to take your mind off things, laugh, or just ponder on the existence of supernatural creatures (preferably sexy) here are some TV series I love and why…

TV series I love especially for their intro/opening credits and endings/finales

You gotta love the intro of Weeds! Not only the music which offers another version every time (with great lyrics!) like this one with Regina Spektor or here a mix of them but also the signature giving a hint of what’s going to happen. The series just ended and to be honest I had stopped watching it around season 7 because Romany Malco (as Conrad) was off the show and he’s just awesome. Seriously I follow the guy and he’s always asking the « right » questions, forcing people to think.

100th episode Weeds with Romany MalcoBUT he was back for the 100th episode, so I had to catch up and get there 🙂 The finale was perfect! Too many shows these days get so quickly canceled that the ending is rushed and just sucks.

(Si vous voulez voir Weeds en Français, voir Weeds – L’intégrale des saisons 1 à 5 sur amazon.fr)

True Blood. I know Alan Ball is a genius (American Beauty, Six Feet Under) but he fucked up this one, I mean if you’ve read the books on which the show is based. However, the intro is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, it’s raw, it suits perfectly the idea of True Blood. Here you go: True Blood  The song is Jace Everett, « Bad Things ». I do recommend the books though (in English on the Kindle it’s pretty cheap e.g Sookie Stackhouse 1-8 OR en français lisez d’abord le 1er connu sous le titre de: La communauté du Sud, Tome 1 : Quand le danger rôde) it’s nice to read on a winter night with a hot cocoa (or a bloody mary) 😉

Moving on … to

TV Series I love for just about everything!

Fringe This is a must-watch. It’s unique, hard to explain, let’s say mad scientist meets special agent meets quantum physics/time paradox/parallel universes. The opening is as special as the show and very cryptic, see for yourself, someone did a video compiling the openings from each 4 seasons and the last one is a special opening that was made for just one episode (Letters of Transit) occurring in 2036 but sadly reminding us of today… The show is amazing, the actors are great, the music for the opening = 10/10 🙂 Season 5 just started so you better catch up!

battlestar-galacticaEver heard « What the frack! » and thought what’s up with that? Then get on board and watch Battlestar Galactica. The original series was in 1978 but the modern show introduces new elements to the story: « the Cylons have developed human-form models that are indistinguishable from real humans. The approach is serious and intense, with a focus on tough political, philosophical and religious issues. » (tv.com) (Je viens de voir sur Amazon.fr la série complète avec le film The Plan qui cloture la série, voir Intégrale Battlestar galactica et une figurine en cadeau, avis aux fans!) Caprica, the prequel set 58 years prior to the events of Battlestar Galactica, is pretty cool too, but cut too short 🙁

TV Series that makes ME laugh (and that’s a challenge!)

Teen Wolf. Have you ever watch this show? it’s hilarious! Alright, I’ve a strange sense of humor, but the jokes are so damn obvious that it’s funny. Then it’s all about werewolves (okay, almost but no vamp so far), they bring something new to the screen, not a lame « me-too » kinda series. Don’t get me wrong I love Vampires series, I mean I’m a gal, who doesn’t right? but this is fresh blood (no pun intended!). Plus let’s be real, most of the cast is just an eye candy for women (there i said it!) If you’re a Teen Wolf fan, make sure you follow Price Peterson’s photo’s recap on TV.com, he’s awesome, it makes the show even funnier! (Note: if you’re into Vamp’s, watch Moonlight & Blood Ties) The Teen Wolf cast is awesome, they really get along well outside the show and you can feel the bond they’ve created which is really nice.

Have you said, brilliant? The UK’s Series

Not easy to watch at first, but they quickly get under your skin. I’m thinking of Being Human (NOT the American version: unwatchable!) 3 roommates: a Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost, dealing with their personal issues while trying to « be » human. Then there’s Torchwood (no need to watch them all, each season has its very own story) Season 4 Miracle Day was very meaningful and similar to our society but in a scary way. Life on Mars (UK!) was pretty good too. And more recently: Sherlock! amazing series (more like a movie in 3 parts actually) It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and the man is perfect for this role, Brilliant!

My guilty pleasure, the Sci-Fi

I love pretty much everything here but for the new ones: Falling Skies (aliens invading the planet but with a twist!) and Haven (love the intro BTW) which is  « based on Stephen King’s novella, The Colorado Kid, and centers on a small town in Maine called Haven where cursed people try to live normal lives in exile. As their curses start coming back, FBI Agent Audrey Parker is sent in to try and control the forces and try to unravel the mysteries of the town. »

If you’re into Sci-fi, here are some suggestions for the old ones: The 4400, The Lost Room (mini series), Firefly, Heroes, Supernatural…

The Crime’s series

The Killing. This a crime drama based on a popular Danish series called Forbrydelsen. The show follows three different subplots all linked to a single murder. It feels very real, very « raw », there’s nothing similar on TV. Well, Justified is close to it but in its own way.

DexterDexter: after 5′ watching the first episode I stopped, this wasn’t for me, but then I gave it another try and now I love it. You gotta admit though, it’s weird, nothing like like your typical crime scene investigation show. Dexter is a forensic blood spatter expert for the Miami Dade Police Department, but in the night he becomes something else (no, not a werewolf, nice try), he becomes himself… Intrigued ? The opening theme is pretty cool too.

Stay tuned … but beware…

Alright, I think that’s it for the TV Series I love and why. Well, no, there’s this very special one I just discovered, but it’ll need another post to share it right. So stay tuned, winner-series to be announced shortly 😉 Plus I still need to check out Enlightened and Luther, as suggested by others bloggers.

In the mean time you can find more about these, just beware for the negative programming and limiting beliefs most of what’s on TV is forcing into your brain. You don’t need to be a hero or have super powers to be « special » and « loved », you don’t need to save the planet to be useful, you can be happy & rich (poor also, but rich too!), you don’t need to kill aliens/others to survive…

What about you? Which is your favorite TV series and why?

Héloïse De Smet

Code Name : PureNrgy. Sa devise : libre d’être. Sa mission : épanouir le monde un coeur à la fois. Ses valeurs : liberté, responsabilité, authenticité, amour. Ses atouts (à part un charme fou) : sérénité, vision holistique, super coach & thérapeute en épanouissement personnel. Ses armes fatales : état modifié de conscience, reprogrammation mentale & énergétique. Pêché mignon : les mangues.

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  1. Une porte sur deux continents

    It’s funny because I also stopped the first episode of « Dexter » after just 5 minutes and then gave it another try. It’s now one of my favortite shows and can’t wait for the next season in a few days!

    Nice talking in English with you dear Heloïse 😉 Happy Weekend! ♥
    Une porte sur deux continents Articles récents..Une soirée à “La Magie des Lanternes” /2My Profile

    1. PureNrgy

      It seems we aren’t the only one then : ) Yep, next episode airing tonight 🙂
      Hehe, nice talking to you, Nathalie, enjoy your evening!

  2. Koalisa

    Same thing with me and « Dexter », I only started watching it a couple of years ago after being put off by the beginning of the pilot. Now I’m a huge fan and am really looking forward to the next season (tomorrow, right???)! I think I’ll give « Haven » a try too. I also love « The Big Bang Theory » and « How I met your mother »… And I totally agree with you about TV programmes, most of them are really depressing or just plain stupid!
    Koalisa Articles récents..P.D JamesMy Profile

    1. PureNrgy

      Then obviously the beginning of the pilot was too weird! Same with me, you & Nathalie, so… Yes the season starts tonight 🙂 I really like Haven, the new season just started too. My boyfriend watches « The Big Bang Theory » and « How I met your mother », I haven’t given a real chance yet to BBT, but sometimes I watch a HIMYM and it’s pretty relaxing & funny 🙂
      A good book is very nice too 😉

  3. NéO~

    Bonjour Héloïse 😉

    Chaque Série ouvre aux Nombres , c’est la Loi de l’Esprit ,
    Certaines sont Pures Magies , d’Autres Oeuvrent en Coté Sombre ,
    L’Intrigue fait jamais d’Ombre , quand le Jeu nous Instruit ,
    Même au Coeur de la Nuit , l’Oeil ne creuse pas sa Tombe .
    Malgré le Voeu Morbide , d’être Expert en Matière ,
    La Lucarne en Lumière . nous vend souvent du Vide ,
    La Vue d’Êtres sans Rides , Loin du Réel de l’Ere ,
    En Palais de courants d’Airs , nous Forme comme Danaïdes 🙁
    Becs Hors Série

    1. PureNrgy

      Hello NéO, l’Homme au Chapeau 😉

      Chaque ligne est extrêmement bien pensée, j’adore! Oui, La Lucarne en Lumière . nous vend souvent du Vide …
      Rien ne vaut un moment de détente en pleine Nature!

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