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« Winter, Lust, And Wonder » by James Mahoney

I know some of you understand or even speak English and also I know some of you, English speakers, read me in the background, so this post is for you 😉  « Winter, Lust, And Wonder » is a beautiful book of poems written by James Mahoney who is not only a talented writer but also a fellow blogger and a dear friend of mine. Now, James has written many stories and shared so many more thoughts on his different blogs (like his multi-writers blog The Dark Globe) but this is his first self-published book and if you’re passionate about words as I am, I’d love for you to check it out.

What can you expect?

« Winter, Lust, And Wonder » is a small book, very easy to read, about 30 pages of poems and thoughts; simple but oh so beautifully written. The kind of book that inspires you! The style and the words invite to see trough the writer’s eyes. Sometimes it’s magical, sometimes down to earth, and if you can read in the « space » between the words, you’ll get the depth of the message. I enjoyed especially A Grip on the Darkness, I Walk Through Thee, Utopia, Moon, and felt very touched by « ~Japan – Compassion~ »… James Mahoney is all about Truth and you can feel it trough his words. It’s refreshing! I expected a number of poems to be almost identical, like most books, but here, instead the style, the tone, the idea, …changes! A very surprising and beautiful discovery.

As I wrote on Amazon: « I’m sure the author would do great in a novel or a fiction book, looking forward to more! » And guess what? He does! I started reading his story « Allure » and it’s amazing, I just love it and if you love fiction (especially Vampires) you will love this one too. But shush… that is another story, for another time… 😉

Now place to « Winter, Lust, And Wonder » which you can buy on Amazon.com either in the Kindle format for just 1.99$ or in a special black version paperback for just 5$. (For France/Belgium: 1.56€ at Amazon.fr: direct link to Winter, Lust, And Wonder )

And please make sure you leave a review afterwards on Amazon, it’s always nice for the Author to hear what his readers thought of his writing 🙂 I know I do!

Thank You!



Héloïse De Smet

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  1. de bouche à table

    Wow, je ne savais pas que tu écrivais si bien en anglais… est-ce que tu fait « souvent » des billets en anglais? (C’est le premier que je vois)
    de bouche à table Articles récents..Salade de quinoa et maïsMy Profile

    1. Heloise

      Thank You Erika! Je me débrouille lol, j’aime beaucoup l’Anglais et comme mon copain est flamand et moi francophone, ensemble nous parlons en Anglais, pas parfaitement mais on se comprend 😉
      Au début du blog je traduisais mes billets et puis j’ai mis le google translate, et parfois je fais l’article en Anglais. La 1/2 de mes poèmes sont en Anglais. En fait j’ai créé une catégorie pour les regrouper http://purenrgy.com/category/english-posts/ j’espère qu’elle est à jour depuis le transfert du blog…
      Et toi, ton fiancé parle Anglais uniquement j’ai cru comprendre? 😉

  2. Koalisa

    Now I’m intrigued… I might give it a shot! Thanks, it’s always nice to discover new writers! 😉
    Koalisa Articles récents..Photo a day May part 2My Profile

    1. Heloise

      You’ll see, it’s a short book, about 30 pages, texts and poems, something nice to read in the evening with a cup of tea 😉 And since you enjoy fiction, you might like his fiction work on his blog.
      Thanks & have a nice day Koalisa!

  3. James

    Wow, Thank you so much H… What a Lovely Review

    I really Appreciate it


    1. My pleasure James!

  4. eletta

    Thanks Heloise for telling us about this new book.
    I’m not sure my English is good enough to understand the poetry very well but I’ll go look for it.
    Lot of success to the author James Mahoney!

    1. Thank you, et merci de faire l’effort de lire et d’écrire en Anglais pour l’occasion 😉

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