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Hello weavers of the web :)

heloise rando houffHéloïse. I Am.
An entrepreneur. A mentor, a coach, a life changer. A light bearer, a love infusion. A mango eater. A mirror. A writer at heart. A free electron. The author of this blog. Call me what you want, just don’t call me in the middle of the night.
I love the sound of the ocean waves. The scent of the pine and the ocean breeze mixed together in the summer. Raw stones. Ultra-modern minimalist architecture. The sexy line of sport cars. Water and herbal teas. Inner peace, free spirit and an open heart are sexy.
And I believe. I believe in you. I believe that we are perfect and that it is time to drop the masks. Time to empower ourselves and consciously start creating again. I believe a blog can change the world and a conversation can change a life. I believe in the power of words but even more in the one of intention. And mine is to grow the world one heart at a time. Welcome to my Universe ♥

A quick note in English

for those of you who would not understand French (No offense. Living in a country with 3 official languages, if everyone would speak English, it’d be easier -less unique though). Actually, I started this site in French and in English, then it got too complicated for my taste (and time). Now I am in contact with so many English speaking people (or rather non-French speaking) that I’m using it on a daily basis. Also I work internationally and all the trainings, webinars, conversations happen in English. That being said, you will find some blog posts in English here. (+ all posts can be translated by clicking the Google Translate button below each post) All podcasts & audios are in French (so far).

How I make a living (when I’m not trading services for mangoes)

Need some guidance, help you turn your life around (get your butt kicked once in a while)? My coaching practice (focusing on living a happy, free, joyful, abundant, creative life, through conscious creation & self-empowerment) happens mostly in French but if you like my vibe and can bear my (super cute french) accent, I’d love to work with you. I am working from home and home is anywhere, so the only thing to figure out is the time zone. Isn’t life on Earth cool?

Others things I can do (besides sharing my light, making vegan mango sushi, and jumping on trampolines)

Help with writing, editing, content marketing (French or English2French). Write (nice) things about you/your product/service. Brainstorm (I’ll bring the raw chocolates to keep us focused). Meet up with your new client in KL or Hawaii (if you need someone to cover for you -seriously it’s a good deal, think about it: you get to stay home while I’ll endure the jet-lag : )

Your wish (and $) is my command ; )

How to find me

Send a raven, a message in a bottle, fruits basket are nice too… Or Take a shortcut : purenrgyblog (yep, the space is on purpose so robots can’t spam me)

I do share a lot in English on my Facebook page. Feel free to friend me. (Or if you prefer Twitter / Images versus words Pinterest) And meeting “In Real Life” when I travel is a fun way to get the conversation going. (I am always up for tea time –anytime– and a comfy couch when I travel)

Looking forward to connecting with you. Enjoy a dynamic day : )

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